After the payment confirmation:

7 working days for making and posting the document


Post Office Delivery Time

1 – Pedigree: The applicant must be the owner of the animal registered in the Pedigree.

2 – Kennel Certificate: The applicant must be the owner of the Kennel registered in the IBC register.

3 – The address filled in the form must be the address for all documents from the required services.

4 – The information provided in the form is the sole responsibility of the applicant.

5 – Confirmation of payment must occur within 7 calendar days from the request. Once this period has passed without confirmation of payment, the service request may be requested again;

6 – The deadline for evaluating the dog is 7 working days from the confirmation of payment. The deadline for delivery of the document is the responsibility of the contracted service (Post Office, carrier, pickup on site, etc.).

7 – If any document is sent wrong or incomplete, the period extends to 10 working days after sending the missing documentation.