What’s in the Gene Pool?

What’s in the Gene Pool? The founding of the breed – the Gene Pool Let’s pretend these 11 dogs are the “founders” of your breed

IBC x Exotic Bully

There are many doubts regarding the IBC’s understanding of Exotic Bully. Naturally, like any pioneering action, it involves many points of view and, above all,

Breed Formation

Pit Monster American Bully Exotic Bully Olde English Bulldogge

Dog Handler

“If I had a chance to return to existence and were asked what I wanted to be, I would say I want to be a

Building Kennels

Time to build kennels:  you need to think about functionality! We cannot think only about the comfort of dogs, ideal is also to idealize how

The Super powerful

THE SUPER POWERFUL: MOTHERS, PROFESSIONALS, HOUSEWIVES AND DOG BREEDERS They are mothers, work in offices, clinics, stores, among others. They are housewives, take care of

Kennel Blindness

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