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There are many doubts regarding the IBC’s understanding of Exotic Bully. Naturally, like any pioneering action, it involves many points of view and, above all, individual interests in relation to the topic. We will try to put a little more of our view on the subject, since it is obviously impossible to debate and finalize a topic like this only in a text. Some questions have been asked and we will put some of them in a way not to explain what Exotic Bully is to the world, as this would involve different points of view, but rather, what Exotic Bully is from the point of view of the IBC. Some questions will be clarified below.

1- I have two American Bullies registered dogs that are phenotypically well Exotic, what do I have are American Bullies or Exotic Bullies?

R:  First point to be addressed in this case would be what is your creation goal? Do you have a goal to use more bulky dogs in search of balance, walking in the direction of the American Bully standard? So, you create American Bully. Do you have the goal of continuing to distance yourself from the American Bully standard, setting each generation more and more exotic characteristics? In this case, the IBC understands that you are no longer interested in the American Bully standard and moves towards a new standard, which, together with thousands of other people with the same objective, define themselves as Exotic Bully, dogs that seek to fix other characteristics that already no longer meet the American Bully standard.

2- But I have my exotic dogs with American Bully pedigree and I will register the fruits as American Bully, can I?

A:  This decision is not up to the entities, you can register your dog according to the records they have and mainly according to their current understanding as a breeder, IBC has only developed a new possibility for those who even have ancestry and American Bully records , but that no longer has interests in the racial objectives of this, but in the development of dogs with other characteristics.

3- But I want to look for the characteristics of Exotic Bully and I want to register as American Bully, can I?

A:  Yes, but from the point of view of IBC you still have doubts about what you want to create or develop in relation to racial characteristics.

4- But then there is no more American Bully Exotic?

A:  We at IBC do not know in the world any entity that regulates American Bully Exotic as a variety of the breed, we register the American Bully Miniature, American Bully Pocket, American Bully Standard and American Bully XL, the Exotic placement has never been a registered variety, it has always it was used to express characteristics of some individuals that over the years has taken such a worldwide proportion that we understand that we deserve the separation, so that those who breed these dogs can have their own path in relation to the new desired characteristics.

5- But at IBC the Exotic Bully is only between dogs that comes from Mix between breeds?

R: It is not true, most people did not stop to read the proposal made by IBC, the racial basis of Exotic Bully for IBC is the American Bully with Exotic characteristics, the acceptance of insertions with these dogs happened so simply already exist clandestinely, the IBC only wants to positively map these inserts so that the future interested in this breed in formation can give credibility to the documents in the studies for future crossings. It is fundamental to state that when the individual is the fruit of insertion, it will be described in the document, when he is the fruit of American Bullies that seek a new characteristic aiming at the objectives of Exotic Bully, it is also described in the documents of registered dogs. Some themes extend unnecessarily,

6- But if I register as Exotic Bully will people think that my dogs are crossbred?

A:  This is up to you, the breeder, and it is your responsibility to your customers to make your personal goals clear. We understand that those people who seek Exotic Bully (which will certainly grow a lot as a breed in our country) are not looking for the characteristics of American Bully, they want something new, something with new characteristics and develop it in a transparent way. And although complex for the majority to understand, it is the best way to build a gene pool that can be trusted for the development of future generations.

7- But I think that the IBC made it worse and I totally disagree with the separation, what do you guys at IBC think about that?

R: We respect and understand your position, IBC is just one entity among many others, you can register your dog normally at countless entities around the world within your proposal and your understanding, IBC only proposed something that it believes to be beneficial for your record books , believing that such positions will be beneficial for the development of American Bully, as well as for the development of Exotic Bully. Obviously, all pioneering projects suffer the bonus and the burden, we are fully aware of this and we are not forcing people to have our understanding. We are suggesting that people who have the same understanding as us, help us to build this new story.

8- But I want to compete as an Exotic Bully, but I want to register as an American Bully, can I?

A:  We understand that you are still reflecting on what you really intend to create. Until we have dogs that reach racial purity by crossing (F4), these dogs will be allowed to enter the track, but for a limited time.

9- But I want to compete as an American Bully, but I want to breed dogs with the characteristics of Exotic, can I?

A: You can, but you are unlikely to win any significant awards as an American Bully within the judgments at IBC events.

10- But I crossed two American Bullies and different dogs were born, some very spotted and some less spotted, even with very different sizes in the same litter, what should I do?

R: Initially rethink your creation plan so that this is minimized. The idea of ​​separation is exactly to help future generations so that what is happening to you in the near future does not happen to other people. Every dog ​​breeding has variation between the dogs born, there is a difference between the slight variation of physical characteristics and variation of racial characteristics, every litter will have better dogs and worse dogs from the point of view of the racial pattern to which it belongs, however, being born with distinct racial characteristics in the same litter reinforces the need for separation so that this is minimized over time, and no longer occurs.

11- But even with all this I still think that my Exotics are in fact the selection of Pit Bulls (ancestors that were being improved to have these characteristics) what do you think about that?

A:  We think that somehow your understanding of what a Pit Bull is wrong.

12- But I feel lost and I need guidance, can you help me?

A:  It will always be a pleasure for us at IBC to help those who understand that IBC does not want racial conflict, IBC wants development for these dogs and their breeders.

13- But I still think that the IBC is wrong and I am totally against separation, what can I do?

A:  Read the standards of these breeds, understand what their racial goals are, understand what the separation goals are, observe the huge number of conflicts related to these themes, improve their knowledge, respect their position and understanding, but still , we will defend what we believe with respect to all opinions different from ours, aided by all those who build the IBC day by day. People fear not the separation that the IBC has proposed, people fear that they may be confused with what they themselves intend to create. This universe is indeed quite complex and includes an understanding of heritability. People have such doubts since over the years they have created so many different phenotypes, that in many cases they make it impossible for the registrars themselves to accept or not certain dogs to be registered in their racial books.


At IBC, only within our understanding do we offer an alternative for those who seek the American Bully, who develop it in its racial objective. And for those who seek the Exotic Bully, to develop it in their racial objective just and simply. The vast majority of people did not stop a few minutes to read the pattern that the IBC developed, nor the proposal explained step by step on the website until individuals assume the condition of being considered pure by selection within the new suggested breed.


IBC Team

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