The Super powerful


They are mothers, work in offices, clinics, stores, among others. They are housewives, take care of their children and family. But other than that, what do you have in common? They are also super powerful in dog breeding. Each year, the number of women inserted in cynophilia is higher. It is no different in bull breeds and despite being considered the “weaker sex”, women show that they have a lot of drive to conduct these double, triple work shifts.

GEORGIA RODRIGUES DE SOUZA Georgia is an example of the above. She is a supervisor at a shopping center store and reconciles time with the management of the American Bully Top Team kennel, in Brasília, in the Federal District. To handle all the work, he relies on the help of his family. “I reconcile one thing and the other, dividing myself between homework and work. I also have help from my daughter Bárbara Mesquita de Souza, 11 and my husband Thiago Mesquita de Souza. But I do not give up to participate fully in the handling and care of my dogs, I always reserve a few hours of the day to be with them, being, many times, the most rewarding part of the day”, he says. Georgia tells how she decided to start dog selection. “I was enchanted by the breed the moment I saw a blue dog with an evil eye and few friends playing with its puppies, I realized how docile it was. The fact that they are so strong, yet affectionate, caught me in the head, and from then on, I started to research about the breed until I decided on the first acquisition. This happened three years ago and, from then on, it was unconditional love for American Bullies. Since then I go and follow breed-related events whenever possible. Currently at home I only have 5 copies, because I live in an apartment and I have limited space. I am just another person in love with the breed among so many others out there”, he comments. “Today my goal is to maintain and preserve the essence of American Bully, with the objective of developing a few healthy animals that increasingly meet the standards determined by the main breed regulators,


MARCELY PACHECO DEL MANTO Marcelly Pachecho Del Manto, from Canil Del Manto, is also one of the super powerful and passionate about dogs. Since 2003, Marcelly has created an American Pit Bull Terrier, but the family has always had this contact with dogs. Marcelly divides her time between her two children aged 6 to 9, her husband and work as a photographer. “My family has always raised dogs and I have always been in love with them, but when I met the American Pit Bull Terrier, it was love at first sight. We started to breed the breed, however, with animals of low genetic quality, it became serious after I started dating my husband Thiago Del Manto. United by the same passion, we import dogs from the country of origin, United States, because the breeding in Brazil was very disorganized, many dogs without records, many mixtures and lack of information. We import some dogs and buy others of blood imported and registered in the USA”, says Marcelly. But as not everything is flowers. Marcelly also exemplifies moments of difficulty. “I have been creating since I was a teenager and that changed a lot after I had children. We had to take a break, reduce the number of dogs until we were able to organize ourselves better with the new universe of family and breeding. Nowadays, our children participate in our daily lives and, thus, creation has become a leisure for all of us”, he comments. “Creating this American Pit Bull Terrier is wonderful, but with some difficulties, it is a very strong breed and has many admirers. Many people end up buying these animals without knowing how to educate and raise and it is a very popular breed. We live in a reality in which people buy animals just because they think it is beautiful, but they do not know their personality and the peculiarities of each breed”. When asked about differences between women and men in cynophilia, Marcelly responds. “People are surprised when they discover that they are women who are behind all this work. My sister and partner Joyce Pacheco Nunes and I who are currently ahead. You must have a strong personality.


ELBA MOURA Elba Moura is also part of the statistics of women leading kennels in the country. She commands Moriá Bully Kennel, in Amapá. She has been a breeder of the American Bully breed for three years. “I got to know the breed through the creation of APBT, where I started to research about a similar breed, but more relaxed and I found the American bullies and I was delighted to be docile and with a very strong appearance. I was the first to bring the American bully to our state (Amapá), where at the beginning I had problems with the acceptance of the breed, due to being a new breed in a state that only created APBT. And even more for a woman (laughs). But I started a work of dissemination and acceptance of the breed here among the breeders who knew only the Pits. The breeder says that even with her family at the beginning she had difficulties. “My husband, Pedro Moura, at the beginning I did not accept very well the idea of ​​dividing most of my time taking care of dogs. I have to reconcile work and family and that bothered him a little, today he is one of my biggest supporters”, he says. “Today the greatest difficulty for women is to relate the family and their time to creation, which requires a lot of care and dedication, but when it is done with love everything becomes very rewarding. Even because women today, as in other areas, have been taking their space and standing out. Although there are, there are some differences among the men they have created for a few years. I am happy that the woman is being increasingly welcomed and gaining credibility in her work in creation. Nowadays I don’t see myself without my dogs, even with some difficulties along the way, life becomes happier with them”, he says.


ANA CRISTINA GONÇALVES ANTUNES Ana Cristina, from Cherantun’s Bull Kennel, started breeding French bulldogs a year and a half ago. During this period, he also embarked on the production of American Bully. Today it has eight bullies and seven bulldogs. “The number of bullies surpassed that of bulldogs because I was too enchanted by the breed and today, I see myself much more “bulleira” than “buldogueira”, not getting rid of bulldogs that was where it all started, but the love for bullies has no explanation, the docile temperament and the appearance of “bad” caught my attention. I chose to create primarily because of the passion for dogs since I was a child. I inherited this passion from my late father who was also a fan of animals and always took me to the place we had as a child and taught me to love and respect them. And I saw in the breeding a reason to keep closer to them (dogs) and be able to have many (laughs). The love for dogs made Ana Cristina think about having a registered kennel. “Love led me to create and not as a way to earn money. My intention is to generate healthy dogs that can pass on to their new family a little of the love and respect they find here, because particularly my dogs, besides being beautiful, are loves and bred with total respect, love and dedication. French bulldogs are companion dogs, very playful and docile. They love children and party with anyone. American bullies are very similar to bulldogs in terms of temperament, they live here in harmony, they are companion dogs, playful and very tame”. In the daily routine, Ana Cristina also takes turns between working outside the home and taking care of the dogs. “I work in a neighboring city where I live (Nova Friburgo / RJ) I walk 100km, 3x a week and the time I have is dedicated to dogs. The family complains a lot about my absence at family gatherings, but they know that my time is super busy. I have a partner, Luana Miranda Cherene, who helps me in some situations and a helper who on the days I work out comes to wash the kennel, take care of the dogs because I go out very early and arrive late, so Beth helps me with the kennel chores on some days of the week ”, he says. For Ana Cristina, the lack of time is the biggest difficulty faced. “I think the biggest difficulty in creation is the lack of time because we have to give up a life closer to the family or to travel on a holiday, or to go out with friends because for the breeder there is no Saturday, Sunday or holiday. Every day is a day to work hard. I really do it, I believe it is more or less similar to the creation of a man or woman, but it is clear that the female touch helps (laughs).


MARIELE NEVES The Magic Bull Kennel was the name chosen by Mariele Neves for the kennel in which she owns. The magic is not only in the name, but also in fulfilling the dream she says she had since she was a child to have many dogs. Passion is exactly what she keeps today, large dogs, strong, with an eye-catching appearance, that’s why she chose the American Bully breed. It was through the American Staffordshire Terrier that she met the bullies. From there, life was transformed: There was a move to a farm and the beginning of structuring to receive new residents. “Today I have a small herd of 10 dogs, as I sold some dogs that I saw that were not the standard I am looking for, I am investing in other blood lines to reach the phenotype I am looking for; phenotype that in which I don’t give up a strong, compact structure, docile and healthy temperament, dogs with good movement, as correct as possible and with a great reduction in genetic problems ”, he says. But like Georgia, Ana, Elba, Marcelly, Mari is also a mother, wife and reconciles her time with the daily routines between family and work. “In the morning I dedicate myself to my 5-year-old daughter, I take her to school, so being free all afternoon for the dogs, I pick her up at the school and continue with the kennel with her. The dogs follow a routine: They are released in the morning, they are released until late afternoon, where they are trapped in their kennels 2 by 2 for food and sleep”. When asked about the greatest difficulty in creation, she is emphatic in saying. “I create what I like. I don’t give up what I think is right to “follow the market to please audiences x. I think the biggest difficulty today is dealing with the human being (laughs)”. About the existence of any difference between the cynophilic representatives (men and women), she points out that she does not notice any distinction. “I have not suffered from this, the demand has been great, I see no difficulties. What differentiates one breeder from the other is credibility, honesty and good customer service not only at the time of sale, but mainly after sales and, of course, having good dogs. After all, there is no point in having all these requirements if there are no good dogs”.


CLAUDIA ANDREZZA SALES From the Fly Dogs Bully kennel, the representative is Claúdia Andrezza Sales. She talks about how her love for dogs started. “My story as a breeder is something wonderful, but never imagined by me, because in my entire childhood I never had a pet. When I married Fernando, he had some Pit bulls just for pet. But there a surreal love for dogs was born, I could feel how pleasant it was to have a dog. From there we started to research about the breed, quality, genetics, what was right and what was wrong, and I fell in love more and more, that’s when we met the American Bully breed, with an incredible temperament, a very beautiful physical appearance ; it was love at first sight, then the Fly Dogs Kennel was born ”, he recalls. But creation brought about changes. “I changed my whole life, I was a hotel’s financial manager, I worked in air conditioning, high heels, very well dressed and suddenly I wake up looking for poop, I sleep looking for poop, hair stuck in, put seven leagues on my feet, but I was never so happy in my profession”. Currently Cláudia has approximately 80 copies of American Bully. “Today I am 13 years old in breeding, we have the most current blood lines, we have 80 dogs, with an average of 40 to 50 dogs in full activity, I live in a farm of 7 thousand square meters where the kennel is located”. For Claúdia, all difficulties can be overcome. “In terms of difficulties in creation, in my view, with dedication and affection everything can be overcome”. She also says that men and women work in kennels without distinction. “I, as a woman who spend the day dealing with dogs, I think there is no difference except to carry the food packages (laughs) other than that I wash the kennel, inseminate, deliver, wake up at dawn to feed, do everything a man would do, but with more affection and dedication. Today I feel fulfilled with my work, with the help of my husband and my children, who want to follow in their parents’ footsteps, it is not an easy service, on the contrary, without holidays, without trips, bad nights, but when the at the end of the day I see that it is worth being creative”.



Breeder Georgia Rodrigues de Souza tells Best Breeders what she seeks in the creation of the American Bully. “The American bully in short is a dog that must have a strong body, pronounced musculature, compact, strong back, large head in block, expressive look, heavy bone, when you see it you should have an impression of strength and robustness. In contrast to the intimidating phenotype he must immediately show a lot of affection, affection and docility typical of the breed, being extremely docile with people and other animals, he is a companion dog. It is a new breed, therefore still in development, with the most diverse phenotypic presentations, but there is a pattern, which in fact, cannot and should not be neglected. It must be read, interpreted and understood first, only then to those who are interested and understand, then start a breeding project within an existing breed. We must not confuse one thing with another. Working with an existing breed in order to preserve and evolve gradually is different from creating a breed completely outside the standards”. Marcelly Pacheco Del Manto also warns about Pits Bulls. “To have a Pit Bull, you need to have a profile for that or a good behavioral specialist and trainer. Many breeders in Brazil do not take the necessary care to sell these dogs, often these dogs do not even have registration. Unfortunately, not everyone is concerned with the breeding and the breed, taking due care in selecting animals of blood originating, with records in the country of origin and traditionally known blood lines, many works in the dark with national bloods who cannot prove their origins,

Best Breeders Magazine – Issue Nº 1 – August 2017

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