A dog registration certifying entity and organizer of cynophilia events.

Quality of the document issued / Traceability / Reliability / Agility / Seriousness / Inclusion / Criteria / Organized, structured and familiar events, with carefully selected arbitrators seeking the greatest possible smoothness.

Provide a decent cynophilia, where dogs are the stars, with a focus on improving existing breeds, assisting in the development of new breeds and regulation with documentation of mixed breed dogs.

Be a reference in the registration of dogs and holding events in the industry.

Acting transparently, with credibility with customers, seeking their satisfaction through an agile and responsible service, with ethics and respect for the creation and welfare of animals.


IBC emerged in Brazil through the passion of a couple with the purpose of performing a decent cynophilia, one of them a veterinarian, with a focus on genetics and a postgraduate degree in anesthesia, both owners of the kennel Sunshine Bulls (specialized in the creation of American Bulldog and Olde English Buldogge).

The journey began in the year 2000. Frequent performers in CBKC exhibitions, they led the ranking of Breed and Breeder (American Bulldog) for years. Immersed in this universe, they pleaded the will to be judges of CBKC, which raised several questions about the performance of tests and their consequent judgments from Group 11 (races not recognized by the FCI).

Upon discovering that there was no regulatory evidence for the 11th Group, where even the breed standard was not read, they found the opportunity to undertake and innovate in the environment. That was when they had the idea of ​​bringing a new club to Brazil, which would promote events with trained judges for these races, who were previously on the margins of national cynophilia, giving due, prominence, respect and credit to the creators of this group not given the opportunity CBKC.

“And since everything comes to us through a lot of respect, friendship, trust and credibility, the opportunity came to bring IBC to Brazil, an entity founded in 2007 by Jose Lopez from California (a great friend who has always helped us a lot in cinophilia)”.

“IBC came to add, not to share. The IBC came to fill a gap that was open, not to dispute. The only dispute we have is internal, to always try to offer the best we can to the creators (we are on both sides of the coin). We came to build bridges; we are always trying to get closer between the creators and the entity. We are doing what no club has ever done for these races. We were not opportunists, nor did we fall into “parachutes” in cynophilia. Everything was achieved with many years of experience, creating, participating and judging events.”

The IBC is an arm of the creator. It has a fair price on the market, an annuity consistent with the value it delivers, has no monthly fee or membership fee and has a huge differential: the excellent time for sending documents, only 7 (seven) business days.

Despite its only 3 (three) years of existence and promotion of events, IBC has judges worldwide. Headquartered in the USA and Europe, it is the only entity in Brazil with judges truly qualified to judge Group 11, in addition to being a certifying entity for dog registries (Pedigree).

Welcome to the IBC family!