The pedigree is a document that certifies the pedigree of a breed dog, it is the identification document of the dogs, and it is extremely important that it is inserted in a legalized, qualified and credible entity.

If you have a pedigree from another entity and want to recognize it at IBC, it is possible as long as the document comes from an entity officially recognized by us. Check the recognized entities in the regulations.

Pedigree is serious, your dog deserves a pedigree from an entity you trust.

After the payment confirmation:

7 working days for making and posting the document


Post Office Delivery Time

1 – Pedigree recognition requirement:

1.1 – Officially accepted entities:

International: AKC, IBKC, UKC, ADBA, ABKC, EBKC, EKC, IOEBA, OEBB, USBR, ABRA (if the pedigree is foreign and is not listed, please contact us).

National: CBKC (except breed Brazilian Old English Bulldog).

1.2 – Entities accepted with restriction, only for some breeds:

  • PitBull Club (American PitBull Terrier breed only)
  • ABBR (American Bully only, with documentary evaluation)

1.3 – Restrictions regarding race:

  • Olde English Bulldogge: Only IOEBA, ABKC, OEBB, EKC pedigrees.

Pedigrees from other national entities will not be accepted, nor under evaluation.

  • Pit Monster: Dogs that wish to migrate to the breed must use the service: “Dog Evaluation / Documentary Evaluation”

2 – In the case of a national entity that is not listed above, you can choose to use the service: “Dog Evaluation / Documentary Evaluation”.

3 – Confirmation of payment must occur within 7 calendar days from the request. Once this period has passed without confirmation of payment, the service request may be requested again;

4 – The deadline for evaluating the dog is 7 working days from the confirmation of payment. The deadline for delivery of the document is the responsibility of the contracted service (Post Office, carrier, pickup on site, etc.).

5 – If any document is sent wrong or incomplete, the period extends to 10 working days after sending the missing documentation.

6 – The address filled in the form must be the address for all documents from the required services.

7 – The information provided in the form is the responsibility of the applicant.