American PitBull “Oversize”

For some years now a “new type” of American PitBull has emerged, dogs with more volume and size than the original APBT, with that, an inevitable conflict within that breed fell on the clubs, owners and breeders. We concluded in this way, that the exit is to separate the races. Affectionately nicknamed “Pit Monster” by the creators, now they can go their own way, with thousands of admirers around the world. The IBC now decides to write a pattern with the evident changes that we found in the phenotype of these dogs. Aiming:

1- Uniform the American PitBull breed, keeping the dogs with their original pattern. 2- Make room for the “Pit Monsters” at events, exhibitions and create a pattern for this new aspect of the breed.

The goal of every “Pit Monster” breeder should be to achieve perfection, aiming at the health of the breed, type and temperament. According to the IBC, the breed must have the following characteristics:

General Description: The ideal “Pit Monster” is a loyal and loving dog; As the name suggests they are large-boned dogs, which show great strength; With a large and powerful head, a robust and extremely muscular body, the “Pit Monster” must have one of the most imposing physiques among the canine breeds, combining size, resistance and strength. The aggressive behavior with human beings is not characteristic of the race, therefore, extremely undesirable.

Characteristics: Dogs must have an extremely strong and vigorous constitution, hypertrophied and very well-defined muscles; With a big and powerful head, large and heavy bones. Of solid constitution, short coat, the body must be slightly longer than tall, and females can be slightly longer than males. The head should be large, of medium length, with a flat skull and a wide snout. The ears are small to medium in size, set high, and may be natural or cut. The tail is set low, thick at the base and tapering towards the tip. The “Pit Monster” comes in all colors and markings.

Essential feature is his loyal temperament, very stable and confident. The breed likes to please its owners, with joy of living, they are excellent companion dogs. The breed’s extreme strength makes it one of the most capable canines, so they need careful owners.

It is very important that Pit Monsters are athletic and in good health. Dogs must be free of respiratory problems and be able to enjoy outdoor activities without worry, except in extreme heat or cold.

Head: Big and wide is a key element as to the breed type, offering an impression of great power. Seen from the front, it should show highly developed zygomatic arches and masseters. The medial groove should be moderately sunk between the eyes. When viewed from the side, the skull and muzzle are parallel to each other, joined by a well-defined stop. The supra-orbital arches over the eyes are well defined.

The circumference of the head should be equal to or greater than the height of the dog at the withers. A head that is narrow or appears too small for the body is a fault.

Muzzle: The snout is wide and deep, with a very smooth tapering from the stop to the nose, with a slight separation under the eyes. The snout is shorter than the length of the skull. The jaw is well developed, wide and deep. The lips are dry and well-adjusted. The nose is large, with wide open nostrils, with no sign of air restriction. The nose can be any color. Lack of pigment is considered a fault.

Eyes: The eyes are medium in size, round or almond-shaped, set apart from each other, showing a strong expression with a penetrating look. Any color is acceptable. However, different eyes (a dark, a blue or a dishwasher) should be considered non-preferred. Deformed, bulging, crossed and asymmetrical eyes are considered a serious fault.

Ears: The ears are set high and may or may not be operated. If left untouched, pink is preferable. Dropped ears are acceptable, as long as they are small and do not resemble those of a hound. Ears completely upright and which are above the head should be considered a serious fault.

Neck: The neck is of moderate length, very muscular. It has a slight curvature. The neck gradually widens as it descends from the skull to the point where it joins with the shoulders well angled.

Body: The chest is deep, full and very wide. The ribs are well sprung, forming a strong, broad and muscular body. The back is strong and firm, with a slight inclination from the withers to the broad and muscular croup (slightly descending). Flat back is acceptable. The posterior should be broad and muscular.

Forelegs: The forelegs are strong and muscular, with significant bone mass. They should be straight and well apart, the shoulders should be well placed, well angled, wide and muscular. The elbows adjust to the body. Pasterns are powerful, straight and flexible. The lack of bone mass is very undesirable. Loose elbows, legs spread in or out (East / West) are a fault.

Hindquarters: Hindquarters are strong, muscular and broad. The angulation of the bones and the musculature of the posterior should be in harmony with the anterior. The thighs should be well developed with thick, well-defined muscles. Seen from the side, the hocks are well angled and the hind legs must be well angled in order to allow good movement. Cow hock, straight and slightly angled legs are a serious fault.

Feet:The feet are round, must be in proportion to the size of the dog, and must be well arched and adjusted. The pads are hard and resistant. Weak pasterns and / or flat feet are serious faults.

Tail: The tail is inserted in a natural extension of the upper line and tapers towards the tip. When the dog is relaxed, the tail is carried low and almost reaches the point of the hock. When the dog moves, carry the tail level with the upper line. When the dog is excited, it can carry its raised tail. Short, curled or clipped tails are unacceptable.

Coat: The coat is shiny and smooth, lying on the body and moderately rough to the touch.

Colors: Any color or color distribution, as well as any color combination are accepted.

Height and Weight: The Pit Monster must be powerful, so its  weight and height are less important than the correct height to weight ratio, however, males over 50 cm and females over 45 cm withers are desirable. The desirable weight of an adult male in good condition must exceed 45 kg. The desirable weight for the mature female in good condition must exceed 40 kg. Dogs below the measures mentioned should not be penalized unless they are weak, light bulky or light-boned; large dogs with a lot of body and muscle volume are desirable.

Movement: The “Pit Monster” moves with a confident attitude, when trotting, its movement is powerful, dogs must have a balanced gait, with good rear propulsion complemented by a wide reach of the front limbs, allowing the dog to cover the soil powerfully. Dogs must trot on their own, dogs encouraged to walk or being dragged like “a crab” is considered a fault. Seen from any side, the legs are neither turned in nor out and the feet do not cross or interfere with each other.

FAULTS: Any deviation from this standard should be considered a fault and penalized in proportion to its severity and its effects on the dog’s health.


– Any dog that shows any sign of aggression towards humans.

– Severe structural deviations or signs of anomalies.

– Extreme difficulty in locomotion.

– Insufficient racial characteristics that make the dog as a whole not look enough with its counterparts of the same breed.

– Strained nostrils.

– Long Coat

– Males that do not have both testicles, of normal appearance, well lowered and accommodated in the scrotum.