The pedigree is your dog’s Official Document. If you have purchased a pedigree dog, you must request the transfer of ownership from IBC as soon as possible. The process is simple, inexpensive, and ensures that the animal is YOURS, creating greater security for the guardian.

When the transfer is made, the data of the new tutor is saved in our database to prove its ownership, in addition, a pedigree in the name of the new owner will be sent via post. In case the pedigree is lost, presenting the identity document, the registered owner can request a duplicate of the pedigree.

For our services, the pedigree of the dog belongs to those listed as owners in our database, and we serve only the legal owner of the animal.

After the payment confirmation:

7 working days for making and posting the document


Post Office Delivery Time

1 – It is essential that the owner * authorizes the transfer to a new owner, which can be done in the following ways:

1.1 – The owner * sign the back of the pedigree in the field “Seller’s Signature”.

1.1.1 – The data of the new owner (“New Owner”) must be filled in on the back of the pedigree.

1.2 – An authorization must be sent by the owner * to our email containing the data of the dog to be transferred, data of the new owner, and a photo of the identity of the current owner.

* Owner refers to the owner of the dog printed in the “Owner” field of the pedigree.

2 – Confirmation of payment must occur within 7 calendar days from the request. Once this period has passed without confirmation of payment, the service request may be requested again;

3 – The deadline for making and posting the document is 7 working days from the confirmation of payment. The deadline for delivery of the document is the responsibility of the contracted service (Post Office, carrier, pickup on site, etc.).

4 – If any document is sent wrong or incomplete, the period extends to 10 working days after sending the missing documentation.

5 – In the event of the death of the dog owner, a judicial decision of an inventory action for transfer should be submitted.


6 – The address filled in the form must be the address for all documents from the required services.

7 – The information provided in the form is the responsibility of the applicant.