Considering the existence of the large number of breed dogs that do not have their ancestors registered, that were left unregistered for various reasons, or that were registered in entities not recognized by the IBC, this dog will have the opportunity to be evaluated by one of our judges cynophiles who will confront the specimen’s morphology to the official standard of the requested breed, and once approved, can proceed with the Initial Registration.

Issued the Initial Registration, this dog is able to participate in exhibitions and reproduce within a certain breed;

In the Initial Registration the pedigree will not have a family tree, so the registration of the lineage starts from the dog that will be registered, and therefore we emphasize that only in the 4th generation the descendants will be considered “pure by crossing”.

The fact that the dog receives the Initial Registration does not mean that it is an indicator of being an excellent representative of the breed. It is a certificate that the dog meets the minimum criteria required by the standard established for a certain breed.

When the breeder does not have the pedigree of both parents. If only the father or only the mother has a pedigree, Initial Registration is also required.

This service should not be used by defaulting customers, who did not receive the pedigree because their dog was not paid off. If proven, dogs that have not been paid in full to the kennel of origin will have their documents canceled as well as all of their offspring, and the applicant will be permanently banned from the IBC. The amounts paid for the services will not be returned.




The applicant must have a kennel registered with the IBC; the name of your dog will be composed with the name of your kennel.


IBC has cinephile judges who, through photos / videos, will assess whether your pet meets the requested racial standard.

After the payment confirmation:

7 working days for making and posting the document


Post Office Delivery Time

1 – Dogs must pass the Assessment before requesting the Initial Registration.

2 – Dogs under 12 months (still in training) that have been denied in the Assessment, may make new requests until they are 12 months old (at no additional cost).

3 – Dogs over 12 months will only be entitled to an evaluation. If they are not approved, they cannot be reevaluated. 

4 – To register the dog it is necessary to have an open Kennel at IBC.

5 – Every dog ​​approved in the Evaluation must be microchipped or have a DNA exam, done by a veterinarian duly registered in the CRMV.

6 – Confirmation of payment must occur within 7 calendar days from the request. Once this period has passed without confirmation of payment, the service request may be requested again;

7 – The deadline for making and posting the document is 7 working days from the confirmation of payment. The deadline for delivery of the document is the responsibility of the contracted service (Post Office, carrier, pickup on site, etc.).

8 – If any document is sent wrong or incomplete, the term extends to 10 working days after sending the missing documentation.

9 – The address filled in the form must be the address for all documents from the required services.

10 – The information provided in the form is the sole responsibility of the applicant.