Doubts about the “Monster” World

Questions and answers about the Pit Monster registered by the IBC: 1 – Why is the IBC doing separations in Pit Monster? The IBC is

Coronavirus Vs Cats and Dogs

IBC comes to clarify to our customers and friends, in a simple way, some doubts related to the corona virus and pets. 1º There is

Registration Rules – Exotic Bully

The foundation of today’s “Exotic Bully” can be attributed to 5 breeds: BASE BREED: American Bully. FOUNDATION breeds: American Bully, French Bulldog, Olde English Bulldog,

“Pure” Breed

“Pure” Breed After observing several discussions regarding “racial purity”, it makes me think that breeders are treating canine “breeds” as if they were part of

Demodectic mange

DEMODECIC SARNA A very controversial and widely discussed subject in the midst of cynophilia concerns the manifestations of cutaneous growth of the mite Demodex Sp.,

Heavyweight: American Bully

Heavyweight: American Bully HEAVY WEIGHT / AMERICAN BULLY: CONTRAST BETWEEN DOCILITY AND ROBUSTNESS Currently, all colors are allowed in American Bully. “All colors are accepted.

Dogs must be the stars

DOGS MUST BE THE STARS In the last few days with the start of competitions in our country, a lot has been debated about own

New Breed: Exotic Bully

New Breed: Exotic Bully EXOTIC BULLY: IBC RECOGNIZING THE NEW BREED In an interview, breeder Lauro Loureiro de Mello Neto talks about Exotics They are

How to interpret breed analyses

How to interpret breed analyses Population Statistics Because these statistics might be unfamiliar to you, there are defined here: Effective number of founders (fe) A breed