Doubts about the “Monster” World

Questions and answers about the Pit Monster registered by the IBC:

1 – Why is the IBC doing separations in Pit Monster?

The IBC is not separating the Pit Monster, the breed has had this name conflict since its inception, IBC was a pioneer and recognized the Pit Monster breed, creating a home for the breeders of these dogs that did not have the support of any other entity, right in then other entities recognized the breed with other nomenclatures.


2 – But someone told me that you separated the “Pit Monster” from the “Brazilian Pit Monster”

IBC never separated the breeds, the entity “Clube do Pitbull” elaborated with a group of breeders a new project, a new standard and a range of new insertion possibilities for the initialization of the “Brazilian Pit Monster”, we just accept this breed at the IBC.


3 – If IBC accepted the “Brazilian Pit Monster” why can’t it accept the “Pit Monster Bull”?

The question itself becomes the answer, we cannot accept so many similar names for a single breed, we at IBC understand that if they are the same breed, they must have at least the same nomenclature and follow the same pattern.

On the other hand, if they are not the same breed, they do not have to force themselves to be accepted into a breed that seeks consolidation.

IBC is under no obligation to require other entities to have our understanding, what we can do is take care of the IBC guidelines and how IBC as a Pit Monster pioneer needs to act so that the same breed does not have different names and different standards.

At this moment, the IBC accepts some inserts already defined for the Pit Monster, which were even asked of us by those who are criticizing us, we cannot change every other day the racial standards already defined to suit individualities, because obviously this interferes in the selections of several breeders who register their dogs with the IBC, these insertions allowed in the Pit Monster IBC will have a deadline and after that they will no longer be allowed, so we understand to direct the breeders to the desired standard, as well as to contribute in this initial moment to the genetic pool and vigor Pit Monster IBC hybrid.


4 – Why has the situation now changed, when everything was already regulated?

Some factors we need to explain:

The Brazilian Pit Monster accepts inserts of breeds that the “Pit Monster” IBC does not accept, which led IBC to understand that they are different breeds because they have different goals and genealogies.

The Brazilian Pit Monster was accepted by the IBC as a new project with its own standard and no longer as the same breed called Pit Monster.


5 – Why does the IBC accept pedigrees from certain entities and others not?

It is natural in all entities that some recognize each other and others do not, every day new registries appear and it is very obvious that not all of them managed to accept all other registries.


6 – But I have a dog like Banner’s illustrated by IBC as not accepted, and this dog has an IBC registration, I don’t understand!

The illustration that generated controversy was poorly understood, it was not made to represent the type of dog accepted or not by the IBC, it was developed to illustrate the difference between the breeds, their standards and nomenclatures, which in our understanding divide them into breeds different. We are only talking about the IBC guidelines.


7 – Wouldn’t it be possible to recognize Pit Monster Bull separately at IBC as a new project?

The IBC is not the only club to register dogs, people need to walk with their goals and projects without needing the approval of IBC, we also have different understandings in other breeds and registries, that’s not why we fight for them to accept us, just we direct our actions in search of what we believe to be beneficial for the breeds registered by the IBC and for our clients who expect attitudes on our part that are beneficial for everyone who trust in our work.


8 – I find it all very confusing, why can’t it be something simpler?

We also find it very confusing and that is why we need to make decisions that can minimize this confusion, so that it does not spread and we can at least clarify only what the IBC guidelines are.


9 – I have a Brazilian Pit Monster still with the genealogy equal to the dogs already recognized by the IBC can I transcribe this dog to the Pit Monster IBC?

IBC is an entity that has always been open to dialogue, we always think about the breeds not recognized by the FCI and all the difficulties that may appear in the path of the breeders throughout the separations, it is essential that people decide what they create, know what who want to work, it is impossible for IBC to fight for clarifications for the breeds when the breeders do not collaborate on this issue, at that moment the IBC evaluates individual cases, genealogical trees, case by case, with respect to transcriptions of the same breed registered in several clubs, everything we do is well thought out, we understand the difficulty of breeders to fit in at that moment, so we will continue to guide each breeders who feels lost in the themes that involve the whole situation. It is important to start that in your case you understand that for the IBC the Pit Monster is a different breed from the Brazilian Pit Monster and IBC accepted both projects.

IBC Team

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