Coronavirus Vs Cats and Dogs

IBC comes to clarify to our customers and friends, in a simple way, some doubts related to the corona virus and pets.

1º There is NO evidence that Covid-19 can be actively transmitted from domestic animals to humans.

2º Transmission can occur from people to the animal, but there is no evidence that dogs show any symptoms of the disease.

3º The animal behaves only as a contaminated surface and not as an active transmitter.

For example, the owner can cough and contaminate the coat of your pet, and then someone else can pet it and thus have contact with the virus, so it is recommended to ask another family member to take care of the animals while the owner is sick, it is also recommended to avoid contact with dogs that are not your family.

4º In NO HYPOTHESIS use animal vaccine in humans, vaccines are only available for animals and for the type of coronavirus that infects the species themselves, canine coronavirus causes gastroenteric effects in dogs and feline coronavirus causes Feline Infectious Peritonitis in cats. Both viruses do not infect humans.


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