Dogs must be the stars


In the last few days with the start of competitions in our country, a lot has been debated about own opinions, different points of view, each with its own truth.

It is important to state that regardless of registrars or breeds, if someone is not able to listen to the opinion of a judge, do not enter the track of that judge. Now it is quite simple, if the person does not care about anyone’s opinion and his own opinion is enough, great that good, do not register your dog for any type of competition, because there your opinion, your love, your affection and everything you think of your dog at the time of the trial is worthless, at that moment the opinion that counts is that of the Judge. If you don’t understand this, if you still can’t get that thought clearly, then you are not yet ready to compete, and should remain just as a visitor to the event.

Briefly explaining, a judgment is based on the use of standards, and the Judge is responsible for assessing which faults are more or less important, at that moment, on that track, with respect to those individuals competing with each other in that particular event.

If you cannot understand a Judge’s difficulty in pointing out defects and qualities to other people’s dogs with respect and education, in which case you can open an Entity, you can graduate as a specialized Judge, publicize your new brand and expect people to pay to hear your opinion.

As a judge, I have had the attitude of many years of not responding to my judgments after the event, I make myself available before, during and after the judgments still at the event to remove all doubts from those present, with the attention and respect that each one deserves. I write this text only because I see a breed where dogs are no longer the main ones, where their own and PERSONAL opinions on each topic become more important than the whole.

As a representative and responsible for the IBC referees board, I invite all people of beliefs, colors, breeds, entities, from wherever, to be present at IBC events, in all those that I am present or not. Know that we will be with open arms waiting for everyone without exception, wherever it comes from, whatever entity it comes from, whether it is the breed of dog that you want, we will be there with respect and education to welcome everyone: those who think like us, as well as, those who think differently from us!

We are all lovers of types of dogs that have been excluded from the so-called traditional cynophilia, we all embrace this cause, be consistent, be respectful, be polite, be responsible for our words and actions, above all, let us all be the foundation to leverage these breeds and show the world the strength of Bully dogs.

Let us put aside petty things, let go of offenses, let go of criticism of the other, let go of disagreement.

May we learn from our dogs how to get along with each other and that dogs are always the big STARS.

Welcome everyone to IBC

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